What does it mean when your crush tells his mom about you, and she treats you like family, and is caring and stuff towards you?

Does it mean I have her acceptance? I know he's the one who told her about me. Cause I'd never talked to her ever and one day out of the blue she knew things like my age grade where I live my name, things like that. And only he knew those things.


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  • You are also becoming part of their family, you can count on them if needed, they all like you.

    • Even if the guy likes me back? He does but we can't date. If you want to know more here's my other question with all the signs and stuff:


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    • You are too young for it, but then again, who am I to tell, go for it, best of luck!. But just keep a backup plan, in case things don't work out well cause at that age, it usually ends up as disaster, and you should have a backup plan and if your guy loves you right now, he will help you in settings up a backup plan, so if it does not work out you still have other way around for your life.

    • Haha thanks. But I've went to experts like many different times and did research on the Internet and it's all fitting us.

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  • He cracked under mom's interigation


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