International GAGers: What is one tourist attraction you would want to visit in the USA/Canada?

For me I would want to visit: Disney world, The Florida Keys, Niagra Falls (again), Alberta and British Columbia, The Grand canyon, Las vegas, Hollywood, and New Orleans


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  • I've actually never been to the US so I'd say the Statue of Liberty, New York, Las Vegas, California, Texas and Louisiana are definitely places I would visit.

    • I would love to visit Louisiana and Texas as well, The only time I went to Canada was when I was five we went to Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario

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    • Niagara Falls is really nice but you should visit other places in Canada like Toronto and Montreal.
      Thanks for the MHO

    • I've also wanted to ride the Canadian Pacific Railroad

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  • tbh. I'm not that much interested in North America, there are other places I'd like to visit first. But I'm sure there is a lot of stuff which would be interesting too see, especially the Grand Canyon or NY (not a fan of big cities but just to have it seen once)

  • Las Vegas in USA

    I don't know where I would like to visit yet in Canada.


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