What the heck happened? Was I sleeping?

I got home from school at about 3 pm. My brother knocked on my door to ask about my day and I told him it was okay at 7 pm. (I wasn't sleeping but I definitely wasn't awake) But what was I doing all that time? Did I fall asleep without knowing it? I don't remember doing anything but just laying down at 3 pm.


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  • Did someone roofie you?
    P. S. I'm only half serious.


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  • you probably slept

    • Has this ever happened to you?

    • sleeping without realizing it? yup

      more than once my alarm goes off and i turn it off and then i dream about getting ready for college and havig breakfast and stuff only to find myself in bed xD XD or have the second alarm go off lol

      one time i slept while eating XD hahahahhaha

    • thanks !

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