Do I have to be a player to get a good girlfriend? and what does it mean by I need to have a game? How do I know if I have a game?

So umm i moved to a different city now... Cause I got a job and I never had a girlfriend... used to live in a small city... Now in a big one... here I see simple looking guys having a girlfriend but I don't!! 😞

What's wrong with me? other than not approaching or meeting girls what am I not doing?
What do you mean by having a game?(when it comes to girls)
I am not looking for a casual relationship... Though
How do I step up my game?


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  • No... don't listen to any guys... most are jerks... and they turn their friends into jerks by giving them false messages on how they should do things... they talk crap lol, just be yourself. and be confident, confidence is the number 1 thing everybody looks for because if your confident then you can stand on your own two feet even when you are away from a girl, that is extremely appealing and sexy.


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  • Players don't get good girlfriends.
    They get sluts and ruin good girls.

    Having 'game' is your ability to attract women.
    Some have it, some don't.

    Ask out 10 average girls... you'll get at least one date, unless you look like complete shite.
    The hotties are picky, because they have that luxury.

    • Oh thanks... I have between told I look handsome and hot too...
      So looks is not the problem..

      I just need to meet good girls? cause I don't have any female friends right now

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  • dont be a player! just be nice and you will fond one.

    • Well thanks.. I know I am much more than just nice... I should meet and talk to more girls.. I guess..😊?

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  • "other than not approaching or meeting girls what am I not doing?" buddy, you're not doing the only thing you have to do. Just approach and meet girls.

    • Thanks I will do that 😊

  • Well for one you must approach and meet girls, if not you won't get anywhere.

    • Yes right... I will do that

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