How do I stop the urge of wanting a female?

Every single day i wake up and i get depressed cause i have no one special in my life. I dont have family but i do have some good friends and im happy with that. im 19 and right now as my life is going i dont think i need a girl in my life i just got out of jail 4 months ago and I've been trying to go to school which im going in the spring. im trying to get a job everyday i put in applications. im dirt poor but i have goals im going to reach. sometimes i wish someone would notice how hard im working and just support me but i dont want anyone feeling sorry for me so i try to do things myself the way i see it im too poor and my life is just way to out of control i could go to jail for up to 5 years i doubt it but i can. i think sitting in jail got to me bc all of these people had visits and there family and there girls while i sat there for 3 months with no visitations no phone calls just me and thoughts, so i think that could be what it is. I hope i can get over this soon i dont need a girl i ll just ruin her life besides i have nothing to offer at all really a loser if you ask me. im trying hobbies but kinda hard with no money. i want to go to the gym so im hoping i can find a job soon so i can get on my feet and make myself happy again


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  • You can't. It comes from within.

  • What's wrong with wanting females?

    • i am not going to get one with my life as it is so i need to forget about it and move on with life and try to become successful

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    • true but females aren't women any more they want the guys that got it already so i might as well wait till i have it then try bc ill most likely be more successful at it

    • That's not totally true.