My family wants to move, what do you think?

Where we live now is Istanbul:

-It's the biggest city in the country where everything happens
-It has a population of 15,000,000 (next biggest city has 4,000,000)
-It's very historical, almost all minorities live here
-Literally EVERYTHING happens here
-It's also expensive

We'll have enough money to buy a better apartment in Bodrum after selling the one in Istanbul.

-Bodrum is in Southwestern Turkey relies almost entirely on tourism
-It's also very historical, ancient Greek stuff, old churches etc.
-It probably has the highest foreign born and tourist population in the entire country, might be good for practicing English
-It's very green and when you look down from the plane the hills kinda look like California's, but more trees
-It has a nice beach
-I'm positive that I can find a gay bar

Where would you prefer to live?

  • Istanbul, not Constantinople
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  • Bodrum'a da gittik beraber, Istanbul'da da yaşadık
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  • I've been to bodrum on holiday (I'm from England) its a million miles from Istanbul, although its nightlife is good, its all tourists getting drunk. Nothing like Istanbul at all so it would be a totally different life there. I went to Side a couple of years ago and Sarigeme (think that's correct spelling) and both were better, in my opinion, than Bodrum. Good luck with whatever happens. :-)

    • There are many English and German tourists there. My English pronounciation is so bad I asked a lady for a pencil and she showed me her passport.

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    • Well good luck with whatever you do, I'm sure you will make a success of it you sound like a bright girl so make the most of life and what you do with it :-)

    • ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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  • Anything that Talks Turkey here, dear, is My Vote.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Sorun şehirlerde değildi :)


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  • Well I don't think I should really answer this question.. Because I have no idea about eit

    • Either of those cities.. But from what you've described in your question.
      Bodrum seems better and as you said that there are many foreigners there so you'll be able to learn English fast.
      And I don't know the gay bar sounds good too ;)
      I think I would prefer to live in Bodrum.. But then I don't know

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    • Of course, I found it at the library. It was about his life, I wanted to be there so badly when I read the book.

      I think they're fine. Now that I looked at it again, the imam wasn't alone. He brought other people and some pitbulls with him.

    • Huh, I don't know that. There has been only one person who acted completely normal upon me being bisexual and asked about my dating life. Where do you think she was raised? Netherlands.

      I really don't know. My family has acceptance but they have %0 knowledge about LGBT stuff. Most people don't even have acceptance. In school, if I miracle happened and I found a girlfriend, I think I'd be bullied. If was kissing a black girl in front of people, I think they'd look at us like we have four heads. My family? Dad's side would be weirded out, distant relatives would think I'm nuts and try to talk me out of it, mom would be sad bc no grandkids, TBH it would be pretty surreal for everyone but us.

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