I get more awake at night?

Anyone know why it is like this? So i dont sleep too well at night, so through out the day i'll be very tired, but around 10-12 a clock im suddenly more awake.. so i dont go to sleep before after 12 or something..

how can i prevent this?


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  • You are use sleeping at the wrong time. You have too much on your mind or your just hungry, maybe your stressed or over worried. But for starters you need to fall asleep at right time. You call it bioclock. Some go to bed by 11:00pm. Train your body to fall asleep it don't happen over night so pick things to do after you eat and you'll fall asleep faster. After dinner, go hang out, exercise, lift up things, go for walks. Get you body to point of no return. Your body will reply with rest. Now repeat until your body get used to falling asleep at the time. You know it's working when you yawn a lot after 12am.

    • well i moved 2 weeks ago, so i think it might be linked to that.. im still trying to make a routine, and follow it.. but im also thinking about studying enough, making friends and being social, working out, dating etc..

    • Waaay to much girly, sit cho tail down. do one at a time. Dont worry itll happen in due time. Just wirk on studying first then the social activities.

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  • You need to get your sleep cycle sorted out. Get up when you need to, make sure you have an active and busy day (including exercise) and then unwind for at least an hour before going to bed, and go to bed at a consistent time.

    You'll start to get used to this cycle and you body will expect to fall asleep and wake up at those times. I usually wake up anywhere between 5-45 minutes before my alarm goes off in the morning.

  • You might be experiencing signs of insomnia or something. If this lasts more than a week, you should consult a specialist. Insomnia can have very negative results.
    You could be out of your biological clock (as some might say). This means that for a few weeks or days you would stay up late (maybe because holidays) and now when you need to get back to your normal sleeping routine you can't because those few sleepless nights ruined everything. You understand that you need to go to bed earlier and your body wants that, but you mind tells: "wait... It's not time to sleep, isn't it?". So yeah, choose. Either way it's bad.

    • i wake up because i get too hot, thats the reason why i wake up so often.. And i my routine hasn't been bad i think.. i just think its the fact that i just moved and its too hot for me to sleep

    • Well that explains a lot :D In summer, when it's hot I can't sleep well either.

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