My guy friend keep giving my compliments on my looks? im not sure if I like it?

so my guy friends keep telling me how good i look and it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. To begin with i didn't really think to much about it, but we were at this party and he kept telling people how good i looked, and asked them "doesnt she look great?" etc...

I dont know to feel.. he's my friends and i would be fine with getting compliments on the days i really made an effort, vert rarely.. but when its happens a lot.. i dont know what to think..

So what should i do?


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  • It seems to me that he likes you, it's very rare for a guy to befriend a girl without feeling some kind of attraction to her. Especially the "nice" guys seem to fall in the friendzone trap all too often. This might be a way of freeing his heart from feelings he has for you without doing the scary thing which would be telling you directly.. You could take it as a compliment, apparantly he thinks you are pretty. IT might stop soon enough when he senses that he won't get what he really wants, though if it doesn't stop just talk about it with him in a quiet moment. I find that every subject no matter how delicate could and should be open to communication, as long as you are sensitive about it and don't make him feel like an idiot for liking you..
    He broke no law for thinking you are awesome.. :)

    • so any advice? should i just ignor it untill he actually does something more?

    • That depends on how much it bothers you. Ignoring it might make it last longer then you want it too, perhaps even risking the friendship.. Just tell him that although he probably means well it makes you feel a little awkward. If he values your friendship he will probably need little more than a small hint to stop doing it.
      Try to bring it with a little humor so it doesn't get too awkward for the both of you..
      Good luck!

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