CONFESSION TIME !, feel free to go anon. ?

get something off your chest :)

ill go first :
1) sometimes im all talk... im actually tiny and weak and wouldn't be able to defend myself if my life depended on it... not too happy about that

2) i have huge distrust in males (ppl generally but motly guys) because of my player ex and stories i hear and tend to get defensive really bad :( ... i dont like it but i think its too late for me...

3) i wasn't loved enough as a child (maybe it was borderline abusive)... and it scares the $%#$%@# out of me that when i have kids ill do the same to them or that i never really learned love and dont have it in me and won't be able to teach or give it to my kids
3.1) i feel too broken to be fixed at all.. (emotionally)

4) I AM SOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEELYYYYYYYYYYY 3.2) but at the same time dont think anyone deserves to be with someone like me


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  • 1) I'm extremely shy and awkward and have trouble socializing
    2) Because of that I really have no friends an have never had a girlfriend
    3) I have a crappy job and I wonder if I will ever amount to anything

    We all have our own troubles; you are not alone.
    We all need to try to have hope.
    also I think you would like Ozanne's mytake


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  • I'm gonna regret this:

    1.- I always try to be strong, to be pretend I hate love, but just like Marina and the Diamonds says: "deep down all you need is love, the pure kind we all dream of"
    2.- I love to talk to myself, makes me feel weird and different. I love that, I hate ordinary stuff.
    3.- I don't care about my family or friends, just me. I am more important than everyone else... and it makes me feel selfish and sad.
    4.- I will do anything to make my dreams come true... This scares me because I mean it.
    5.- I hate my step sister... I think my dad cares more about her than me.
    6.- I'm thinking very seriously about doing drugs. I want to try acids and mushrooms. I want to have hallucinations.
    7.- I feel attracted to the junkie life...
    8.- I want to be alone and around lots of people all the time.
    9.- I think I know it all, that I don't need help, that I'm the best psychologist that I can ever get. I know the reasons why I act like this, but I really don't care... I just want to live my life the way I want it.
    10.- I refuse to accept help... because I'm the only one who will decide to save me of not.

    • And I also don't want to be with anyone, because like you, I think no one deserves me. I'm just a fucking bitch!

    • I smile all the time because I want people to believe I'm the happiest bitch in the world... but I'm not, I'm way too far to be a happy person.

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  • I'm overcome with sadness of which I don't know the origin
    but I always keep on a happy mask. ^.^

    That's all I have for now.. ^.~

  • 1) I have ADD, social anxiety, and depression.
    2) I am always trying (and likely failing) to be funny and sweet and shit in order to hide the fact that I'm very depressed and lonely.
    3) I always feel like all I do is bother everyone.
    4) I have abandonment issues.
    5) I have only been in one relationship so far. It lasted about 5 months and ended 2 days before my grandmother died. She was extremely emotionally abusive towards me, and that relationship is what caused me to have abandonment issues (or at the very least has amplified them).
    6) I have slowly started to detest relationships and lose trust in others, even though I want a relationship. I have been played and led on several times and each time it happened, I would gradually start to feel worse and worse about myself.
    7) I struggle with procrastination. The fact that I have ADD and depression doesn't exactly help with this problem.
    8) One of my biggest dreams is to be a father one day, but I'm terrified that I won't be able to fulfill that dream because I have a small chance (30%-40%) of being able to have kids.

  • I uhhhhhh am confused about having so much space like an indoor cat who's let out of the house on a snowy Christmas day for the first first time?

  • Don't let your experience have a negative effect on how you treat your kids. When u have them just treat them how you feel would have made a difference to your life now. That's all I picked out from it other than don't look at all guys in the same way you see the bad ones you have met. You've just been sh*t out of luck but that will change and things will get better.

    I have nothing to get off my chest though, I just live for the day and learn from bad experiences and gain confidence from the good ones.

    • but what if i just dont have it? like i dont know what would be right and end up hurting them when i think im doing a good job
      or keep doubting myself and be a weak/shaky mother?

      i REALLY do hope it gets better... thanks that was uplifting

    • It will come natural and you'll know from experience what isn't right feel what is right. To have kids you'll already have met a decent guy and that in itself will boost your confidence and you will share the responsibility so just believe in yourself more and learn from the signs that were there from the users to guide you to a nice guy that will restore your faith in men. There are one or two decent ones out there and may well turn up when u least expect them to. Take care be lucky and believe u can do whatever you want to. :-)

    • omg that was so refreshing... thank you honeslty
      i hope you are right

  • I really can relate to the third one. The only person really close to me was my sister. I guess the second one too since I don't trust people easily. Here are a few more:

    1. I'm missing my left pinky because I lost it when I was 5.
    2. I once befriended a tiger that tried to attack me.
    3. I enjoy pissing off assholes without being hostile.
    4. I find people annoying and don't care for small talk unless they can make me laugh.
    5. I probably sound immature saying this but I consider my sister to be my rival. We compete all the time and I'm usually jealous of her.

  • You need to gain some self esteem and take a easy on yourself your being too hard
    you never know who would be a understanding man to really love you for who you are
    but i know how you feel i been loner for quite sometime from being abused in many ways so it's hard it never gets easier but yet i work on making things better for myself.

    • awww that was sweet :) thank you
      i really hope he exists lol

      good for you! im sorry you been through rough times at least its making you stronger ^_^

    • Your very welcome :D
      Thank you for your kindness too :) "___"

  • Sometimes I smile at these posts I am actually so boring I have nothing to confess. I have openly said anything mildly interesting about me on site non anon several times.

    • lol you are not boring haha
      i dont like being this way tbh lol embrace it

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    • really?
      might as well give it a try then lol

      any type of coping would help haha

    • That is all life really is - Finding what works for you when things are not going well because things look after themselves when times are good - Always remember there are people on GaG to talk to even if you want stay anon - Best of luck

  • my family don't know i am gay...

    • I'm not saying this to sound smart, but are you so sure? We had a gay relative 'come out' a few years ago in his forties and he didn't fool anyone. In fact, people were wondering how long he was going to go on in his life before admitting it to the family.

    • its a good point, no they don't. they are all blinkered to a degree and would'nt expect it... plus i am a male man, not stereotyping what a gay man is but so many think camp or obvious

  • I fancy a girl called Emily and don't now how to tell her, o dream of our future

  • so depressing lmao

    • hey these are confessions lol xD
      just letting it out

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    • omg :( im so sorry

    • the saddest thing about it. I never got milk for my cereal

  • I'm very much an introvert and really like my me time but no one knows that because I have to socialize with a lot of people on a daily basis. People drain me.

  • At this rate, in my current relationship, breaking up will be inevitable. It's only a matter of time...

  • Everyone has high expectations of me, but its difficult to: consequently hold the optimism i always have, the advice i give to friends, always be a helping hand, always be kind+understanding, having patience with everyone, good grades at school, achievement in sports... sometimes i feel like its just too much😔, but i ain't givin up💪😁no matter what, somehow i will manage it👌😄

    • awwwh you are fine , sounds like you jut need a break to let off some steam :)

    • you sound like you really can handle it lol no worries

    • Yeah sometimes i just need some time for myself and just relax...😌 hahaha😄
      Anyways thanks for posting this question, its good to talk about your feelings+thoughts and just let everything out to release some stress👌you're a good person😉👍

  • 1. I'm a closet pervert

    2. I have a wedgie fetish

    I forgot the third one

  • I'm very rarely attracted to women my own age, because I find them boring and set in their ways.
    Usually the women I like are 7-12 years younger, and this have been true since I was 30.
    This means I'm very very careful, and rarely approach anyone, because of the huge stigma that comes with being 'a dirty old man'.
    And since very few are into older guys, I don't really have a lot of game.
    I don't consider myself a 'creeper', and I never make a move unless I get some pretty solid hints.
    On the upside, I look a lot younger than I am, and when I do get lucky it's worth every painful time spent alone.
    Go ahead and judge me.

    • dude are you kidding me? we LOVE older dudes (a lot of us anyway)
      usually most girls are more mature than guys (i believe their minds are 4 years older than their age... or soemthing I don't know ) so guys their age can be very immature and uninteresting to them

      even GAG has a lot of them

      I don't know about 12 years but i definitely like older lol
      no worries we are out there lol

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    • oh man :\
      stil... it will be ok
      well for what its worth i dont think its creepy at all (As long as you're not dating teens or w/e xD)

    • Don't worry... you're way too young.
      I'll sneak a peak, but that's about it ;-)

  • Whoaaa I like your confessions. Many people can relate to that.

    • really? o. o

    • Yepp! You're not alone :)

  • Today i met very attractive woman at work , she was 52 , but look ten years younger and had beautiful legs , like women on twenties.
    I will totally go chasing her if she is not married woman though ; p

  • 1. I'm lonely, even when surrounded by my friends.

    2. I have never had a girlfriend at the age of 27 and have little to no hope of finding one. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a virgin for life too.

    3. Sometimes people think I'm good with women and I just play along because it makes me feel good and appreciated.

    • awwww im sorry :(

      3) you mean you actually aren't and they just think you are or... ?

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    • didn't you just say you are not nice and people only think you are o. O

    • No. I said I'm not good with women but people think I am.

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  • - I'm recovering from an eating disorder but although I do relapse here and then I finally feel like I'm doing pretty well
    - I've only ever had a crush on someone I knew in real life once. It was 2 years ago and I'm still not over it which is frankly ridiculous and just sad
    - I love to say I'm still single because nobody really approaches me but then again I'm so terribly shy myself that I could never ever go approach someone either so I'm being quite a hypocrite here
    - People often think that I'm arrogant or a snob when they know about my family and I hate that so I tend to be quite a rebel and an eccentric, too. (which might make me difficult to deal with..)
    -And I can totally relate to your points 3 & 3.1

  • One time, my senior year of high school, I had a silent fart that smelled really bad. I didn't want people to judge me, so I turned to the guy next to me and freaked out like he did it. Everyone thought he did too and told him he was gross.

    • duuuuuuuuuude not cool lol

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    • That would be the most romantic thing a man could do for me ever. Lmao.

    • Well , here's something to add to the bucket list.
      Win a girl's heart.
      Take a fart.

  • I had leukemia when I was 8/9 and anorexia when I was 13.

    I feel sad all the time but I always fake a smile so people can't know if I'm happy or sad.

    I really hate it when someone other than my loved ones play with my hair.

    People always think I'm an arrogant bitch just because I don't smile 24/7 and that's why I tend to be hard to deal with sometimes.

    and I can definitely relate to your 3 and 3.1

  • I got into a car accident, but didn't tell anyone except one of my friends because I don't want to worry anyone and don't want my family to get overly worried as I would expect and start making unnecessary rules haha~. Pheww.. got it off my heart~ xD

  • lately on here, i've been having this feeling of deja vu from childhood days when my family had to up and move just as i was getting closer to people
    now on here, users that i've felt i've grown... closer to, are leaving or thinking of leaving

    outside of GaG, this past year has been stagnant and hard emotionally. i cried pretty much everyday for the first 6 months. i don't ever think i cried so much. :/

    • im so sorry :( :(

      maybe share your fb and talk to eachother outside of GAG?
      GAG can be exremely stressful and toxic :( i get people who leave

    • yes, i'm aware of people who do that
      but they usually have a history of PMing each other a lot on GaG
      i have no such history because i don't spend so much time here
      so not sure
      only now do i spend more time here because i have some downtime now
      and you're right
      i don't know how some people do it

  • Sometimes I dont shave my legs

    • who has? xD
      we all kip those days lol
      its not exactly a breeze

  • I don't really have anything to confess, besides hatred for the humankind :D

  • I am afraid of my future.. I'll be alone in some years. I feel I haven't found my identity and what I want to do for a living yet. I am with someone for a long time, and while we love each other, we don't get along so well and we don't have money to get married.

    • i think i been there.. but i was younger so..

      but anyways, i went with it and i think in time it gets clearer :)

    • I hope it will

  • - I've got two friends who probably like me and the first guy is extremely sweet and just reaaallly likes me, but I don't think I like him and the other guy has been my friend for years but we've gotten a lot more closer, but I'm not sure if he wants to take things further. Anyways, I feel extremely guilty I lead the first guy on. I like him in some way, but not in a relationship way (yet). The second guy knows the first guy likes me but the first doesn't know there's something going on between me and the second guy.
    - I just got hired for a job at a ice cream shop and the owner said he only hired me because I looked good and that's good for the reputation of the shop. My self-esteem is damaged by it. I feel so underappreciated.
    - one of my motivations to go to the gym is because my trainers are incredibly hot.

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