How could my crush not know my name?

I'm so devastated right now. I have worked with this guy for years and crushed on him for months. I thought he was kinda crushing on me. Then he calls me "Cheryl" instead of "Shirley". I don't know if it's because my nickname is "Shirl" which sounds like "Cheryl". It really doesn't matter about how much they sound alike. If you like someone and speak to them everyday, he should know my name. I'm so angry. Then, he says to my other coworker "isn't her name Cheryl?". My coworker responded with "come on, you should know". I don't even want to talk to him anymore. I feel like this one mistake answered all my other questions.


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  • Poor woman. What made you think he had a crush on you? This's why i hate over thinking whenever i crush on a girl and only tend to believe in facts or really obvious signs liking her asking me out herself.


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