Am I a spoiled brat for acting this towards my mom?

My mom never helped me with really anything. Growing up in highschool she would cuss me out and almost burst me into tears if I asked her to give me a ride some where. She put everything on my dad.. the shopping.. the cooking and my dad makes more money than her and works more hours than her. I'm 21 today and when I was getting into Law Enforcement going through the academy it really got to me. I was running on three hours of sleep a night and not only would she nag me for other things that are out of my control she wouldn't support me at all with cooking.. laundry nothing. She would call me a spoiled brat if I did ask and said "oh you can do it yourself". She has had this mentality from day 1. No I don't expect her to do my laundry or cook for me but I just wish if I asked her for a favor she could help me out knowing its for my well being.

Today I basically told her she was never my mom and at this point she is just someone I live with. I'm taking on a full load in college now and she won't support me with anything! knowing I'm taking twenty semester units. She won't help me at all with anything. So yeah today I told her she is just someone I live with and she was never really a mother. At this point I don't really want to keep in contact with her after I graduate college and move out. I refuse to let her take that credit as a mom even if it does "hurt" her.


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  • i think you should change a few things.


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