Going to a club?

I need to stop being a shy bitch and i think one good way to do that is to go to a dance club or any club and meet people, but how do i get in the club? Like do i have to buy a ticket or dress a certain way?


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  • Before you even look at that closet, hit the shower.

    Don't wear black.

    This may sound counterintuitive, but listen: clubs tend to be festooned with black-light bulbs. And black clothes under black lights look brownish, leaving each fiber a slightly different shade of unattractive. That's saying nothing of dandruff. But gray is the all-time champion of hiding sweat, and blue always looks good at night.

    If you're going early wear a nice suit. Something slick, but still something you could wear to an office. It says: "Hey, I just did something very important, I have money, and I know what's up. Don't hassle me or my clients." And a good doorman speaks the language of suits; act cool and you'll breeze right by.
    f you're going late...

    If you are going late it's okay to dress all hip and disheveled. If you're going at any other point in the evening it doesn't matter what you're wearing. Do not, under any circumstances, wear sunglasses.

    Good luck.


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  • how old are you love?

    • Umm 21 why? lol

    • ok you're young, but old enough to drink and get it so yay. Go to lub with at least one friend. Dress sexy, tight and short dresses and skirts or a crop top and jeans. make sure you have comfy shoesto dance in and a number for a way to get home or a designated driver. pick the place and look up info on the club about admittance to see what dresscode, time they close or open and if you have to pay or if they have ldys free until a certain time. drink a bit before going in it will loosen you up and you can have more fun dancing and confidence to meet new people. then dance and have fun. not too much, don't take drinks from strangers nor go home with them. watch your drinks and stay by your friends. if the guys want to get to know you give them your number but don't trust them too much. that's how rapes and kidnapping go. have fun

    • Im a guy i can't wear thaat :( unless i go to a gay bar? Hmm noo i already had enough sausages thrown in my face

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  • You can find me in da club, bottle full of bub
    mami I got the X if you're into drugs
    I'm inot having sex, ain into makin love
    so come give me a hug if your into getting rubbed (8)

    sing that song with fitty cent

  • Dress sexy, go to club, and bring money

  • Wear a boxer and a t-shirt. Guaranteed to get laid dat night 👌🏼