You go to your dates / boyfriends home for the first time and you find a bunk bed. You reaction?

Assuming your boyfriend is in his 20s and either lives at his parents home or is independent. Has a job or is going to college and everything else is normal!


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  • I would Naturally Assume, without making an Ass out of me and you , that he keeps Bunks for Bunking in with over nite guests who just may Pop in.
    Good luck. xx

    • maybe he just likes sleeping on the top bunk?

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    • its actually a romantic present and yet very practical.

      single bunk = we will have to share the space and cuddle every time to fit in. which mean each time I would touch your smooth skin I will transform into a hungry lusty savage ravaging beast. I will also get to hold you every single second we are sleeping.

      The bottom bunk is the dog house or for when you are not willing to have sex (jk)

    • lol... The Best of Bunk worlds as I say. lol:)) xxoo

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    • can't comment cause if dont have the bed YET

      but hollywood is so misleading...

      if you are to spend 1 on 1 time with me... there is no way you won't be entirely naked... esp. if you are jumping on a trampoline! We can play video games too nad you will get a very special joystick.

    • oh dear...


  • Hahah😂 no, just no

    • what? where is your inner child? you are no fun... child... minor...

  • I assume my boyfriend has a roommate or brother who lives with him.
    And that he rarely, if ever, has sex.

    • no roomate but more importantly... sex can be had in the open... under the stars... like animals... *RAWR*

    • Riiight. Depends on the person I guess.

    • oh cmon... you know you are *swooned* by the romance! <3

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