A question about transportation in Germany?

I'll go to Germany as an exchange student. My friend told me that i can travel in my state with trains for free. If i get a card. What's the name of this card how i can get this card and is this possible to travel for free in my state?


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  • I wish I could help you, but I live in Schleswig-Holstein and as far as I know we can't travel for free :/

  • It depends in Which town you'll be heading. Here in Bielefeld we get "Abos" of "Mobiel" to travel Along to school , etc. I'd suggest asking your exchange Family for help.

    • I'll be in Braunschweig. So can i travel to Bremen for free? As i heard if i pay 200€ for a card i can travel free for free for 6 months in my state

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