How can I stop my stalking behavior?

I'm 15 and I stalk people online. I should mention I'm also a persistent person.
I saw this really hot guy and I wanted his name. They're like its confidential. So I wrote down his first name and found him in five minutes.
Now I feel like a physcopath. I told my mom she said I should stop it because I'm crazy.


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  • Who cares as long as you don't break into his house put a bun on his sausage and make a hot dog out of it you're fine and you're fine if you just break in to his house just make him breakfast as a sorry I broke your window

    • Not funny :( he turned his to be a drunk guy I think.

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    • Lol it was a couple of months actually and he kept on going for this one girl non stop and he succeeded but in my opinion she wasn't really worth it but hey more power to him

    • I feel bad for her! He's a meanie!

  • Hahaha I don't know why but this is funny to me.


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