What can be the cause of this?

I'm dealing with a horrible back and chest pain right now.
I did have it this morning, but I blamed the bra I wore, since it was filled up with rice (School play)
After the play I took it off, and it stopped hurting. I took on my normal clothes and bra, and went back to class.
Now - I have these pains again, and it only seems to stop when i'm sitting down.
My mom freaks out easy, and I don't want to make her worried.
Could this be due to the really heavy actor ''bra'' I wore this morning. I wore it for about almost four hours.

A week ago I feel during P. E - My back hurt a bit after the fall, but I brushed it off.
Help? Google doesn't help. I honestly doubt a heart attack is possible ahha.

I meant FELL* :-D


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  • You been kissing boys

    • Not in this case tho ;-)

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    • '' biging stages of mono'' hahah what
      I've never kissed anyone, So i doubt it :-)

    • Shared water bottles

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  • Could be maybe workout more?

    • I don't know - I'm in treatment for anorexia, so i'm not allowed to workout :-(
      Wish I could though.