What's the weirdest thing you've recieved in your facebook spam folder?

I love things like this - I honestly think it's a bit funny to read what other people recieve (Creepy or not)
One time, I recieved a really long message from this older guy, telling me that I was pretty, that he wanted to be friends with me, and bla bla bla.
Now one thing is that the guy was probs. around 35, the other that at the time, I was only fourteen.
Nothing out of the door, really.
So... tell me, entertain me or something:-)


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  • I get messages from groups that invite me to things like lose 20 lbs


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  • I don't know and I can't remember because I don't check that section in my facebook

  • Something like that happened to me too - not on facebook though.
    Yeah, there are some creepy people out there.

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