So, did I do good by pushing this girl?

So, i was being attacked in the school corridor by this Polish girl who is also my classmate, she pushed me to the wall and punched me and didn't want to let me go when i told her so, so i shoved her to the wall, i had to do it twice to make her go away. This happened when i was 14, i have done it because i felt hurt and she deserved to be taught a lesson not to hit Men, yes, i might have been stronger than her, but that doesn't mean Women can go around hitting Men, right?


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  • The answers will definitely vary.

    Some people will come up here and say that you were wrong, women are delicate and you should never hurt them under any circumstances no matter what they've done to you

    Some people will come up here and applaud you and maybe say you should have done more to teach her a lesson she won't forget and say that this girl deserved to be hit because of her barbaric actions.

    The debate may well be endless and ongoing.

    However my opinion is that although it's a policy (not a rule) that men have to follow which is never physically hit a girl but that does not give a girl any excuse or reason what so ever to hit a guy, the policy can still apply so I would say it was definitely wrong of the girl.

    I understand it as, as a man, you cannot start the physical harm however if you are being harmed physically by a women you ARE allowed to take physical action with the purpose of self defense and you did just that so you are not unrighteous. Besides, you hadn't even hurt the girl so I would say that this behavior is best in this situation.

    You showed a significant amount of intolerance needed towards her actions while not harming or hurting her.


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  • wrong, since you are stronger you couldve restrained her and called someone and got her in trouble without physcially harming her

    what did you do to make her hit you anyway?

    • ofcourse you think he did something wrong, people hit others for no reason or sometimes even mental issues, it's self defense. if he couldn't hold her back then that would be one way to get her off. do you believe if he done nothing wrong then he should have hit her or are you what i like to think as a feminazi?

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    • im doing multiple things at once and this is not a CoLlEgE EsSaY who cares?

      and im not giving up... i just find these arguments boring
      and boys who blame their entire existence on the friend zone, feminism... etc are never worth my time

    • Extremists like you are never worth my time either.

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  • Dude nobody should hit you and if you do get hit you have the right to hit back. Fuck that "Men can't hit women but women can hit men" shit. Fuck that. Don't let anyone punk you.

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