Dad is pissed off becuase im moving out with my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been planning on moving out the past 3 weeks. So for 3 weeks my dad has been yelling. To make this explination about my dad as short as possible ill say my dad is a d*ck. he's a huge disrespectful d*ck. He hates my boyfriend for absoluetly no reason what so ever. He hates his grandmother because she allows me to spend the night and hang out with her grandson. My dad doesn't let me do anything and im 19. My dad is never truly happy for me. He doesn't even give a damn about my happiness. Now he hates my boyfriend because im moving out with him. He doesn't want to talk to him, he doesn't want to respect him, he doesn't want to help him out in the slightest of ways. I hate my dad and always have since i was about 5. How can i deal with him for the next week until i move out?


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  • You're an adult. Love your life. Unless he's supporting you financially, he can't boss you around

    The week will pass fast! It'll be miserable but just gotta get through it one day at a time