What is your dream in life?

What is your Biggest dream in life? If it is not special for you please help us?


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  • I had a friend who used to donate to over 100 charities a year. I want to do the same thing. I especially want to help humanitarian organizations that work with those who suffer from hunger.


What Guys Said 1

  • my biggest dream's to see all those things below xisting during my lifetime

    first of all... i want to see time-machines being available (yes that's my biggest dream... a time-machine's more valueable than 1 trillion bucks... really ;) )


    memory-deletin pills
    flying boots
    antigravity belt
    futuristic landscapes
    convert food/drinks nutrients/calories (i'd love to drink soda just like if it was water without havin to worry about health-issues :D )
    ability to teleport
    cyborgs will xist (i'd definetely be one)
    robots will xist
    x-ray glasses
    surf through da internet in-real-time at ANY year u want (like for xample using google just like u'd use it if u were in 1998, wid similar results poppin-up)
    and of course ability to control yer poo ;p

    that's my dream... i wanna see a futuristic world like this as long as i'm still alive... when it'll happen?