Being friends with women?

So I read a mytake that inspired this question. I used to have the mindset of trying to get a girls number so I can get to know her further and just she where it went. I didn't necessarily want to date her I just wanted to she what kind of person she was you know? Besides the few times i've hung out with a girl I always thought it was much funner than a guy cause they are natually more entertaining and women seem much more detail oriented and curious so I enjoy teaching them things when they ask questions. Rarely ever do I hang out with girls, cause every time I try and make an attempt to get to know a girl more they say oh I don't think my boyfriend would be very happy if I did that cause he gets jealous. It's funny cause each girl says it the same exact way too. I always just say ok I understand and walk away. Is there anything I can do besides just walking alway and saying it was nice talking to her? Seems like a waste.


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  • there is nothing more i thikn,.

    • I thought girls always had guy friends? So basically when I get a girlfriend I get to demand she drop all her guy friends and only hang out with females and me? Sounds a little messed up to me. If you don't feel you trust a person, then why bother dating them?

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