Why are Feminists and White Knights so deluded?

This is regardign hitting Women, i think when a Woman decides to hurt a Man, she deserves to get hurt back so that she will learn not to do it again, there is absolutely NO reason for anyone to cause Bodily harm to anyone, and such people are disgusting and barbaric, so i don't think a Woman of such deserves to get even restrained when causing someone harm. Why would you want to restrain someone who wants to cause you harm? Women are not kids, they know better what they are doing, so i don't know why there are brainwashed Men who believe everything Feminist Women say and Women who try to control Men in this way.

Also, both Genders can feel pain in the same way, so Women getting hurt more is not really an issue here.


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  • I just want to know why so many men on this site are obsessed with getting slapped by women lately lol. y'all must have some extremely angry women around you or tend to piss people off a lot.

    Anyway, I don't think anyone should put their hands on anyone else. I think the issue most people have or why they tend to favor the woman's side and say "use restraint" is because men are stronger than women and can do more damage or serious damage to a woman if he got carried away with hitting her back. I'm not excusing the woman's behavior and I know it's not always the case in every situation.

    Also hitting a man just makes you a dumb bitch, first of all because you're taking advantage of the situation and using the fact that you most likely won't get hit back as a reason to slap someone and second because you're hitting someone who could do a lot more damage back to you in most cases if they chose to.

    At the same time, I don't understand why so many men are so stuck on wanting to smack a woman back, it's just creepy.

    • Those who say restrain are Women who try to control Men in my opinion because they want to make the Woman look like a victim, which is the opposite. No sane Man will restrain a Woman if she is going to attack him as our first instinct tells us to self defense and not restrain, those Men are most likely brainwashed White Knights who believe in some weird bullshit. I personally think of such people as Extremists.

      Yes, i agree on your view that those who use their Gender as an advantage are dumb bitches. But if i feel like someone is going to cause me bodily harm, i am going to use my instinct which will be to use self defense, only a stupid person would think of restraining, even if the other person is a Woman, there really should be no difference between Woman and Men hitting because the pain factor is the same in both Men and Women.

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  • I'm not about violence but I think the double standards are interesting. One would think it's about you not hitting those who are weaker than yourself, but it's not. Let me take an example.

    I'm not very big or strong.
    So does this mean that I should also be allowed to go around and slap other bigger and stronger men without the risk of retaliation? Or is this violent behavior just reserved for women?

    Most men would actually expect and also accept the fact that he might be beaten quite badly if he goes around slapping strong men in the face. Most men would think "I had that coming" and they wouldn't be like "Hey, that's not fair. You can't do that to me, I'm special!"

    This is why we generally don't see men slap other men unless they expect a fight.

    Somehow women don't think their violent actions should have any negative consequences.

    Somehow it's not socially acceptable for weak men to slap strong men in the face. But it's acceptable for women to hit men of any level or strength. I find that a little odd.

    Violence is to protect your body from harm. Not for protection precious feelings. Do no harm unless you want harm in return.


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  • "she deserves to get hurt back so that she will learn not to do it again"
    Think this says all I need to know about you

    I have never physically hurt anyone and try not to emotionally hurt people, although this is not always realistically within my power.

    Do I need to be taught a lesson, so I won't do it again?

    • Your comparison makes no sense ABSOLUTELY. How do you want to be taught a lesson if you haven't done anything wrong? i am talking about Women who inflict physical damage on Men, that's by no means acceptable, as it's an extremely Barbaric behavior, and result of bad upbringing.

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    • @Red7336 Of course that's the reason why she has no arguments to prove me wrong. A Woman shouldn't even get restrained if she causes bodily harm to someone because that's just disgusting, and no sane Man would think of restraining such a Woman, why would he want to restrain a Woman who wants to cause him harm? Feminist logic NEVER made sense and never will.

    • Nevertheless, those who make such remarks only say that when a Woman gets restrained, meaning they are being an Extremist, like this Woman here, purely disgusting.

  • why are men so obsessed with hitting women lately?

    • equal rights come with equal lefts. why should men not hit women?

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    • yeah when women forget their place they need to be reminded. sean connery says so too

    • uh-huh

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  • None of that would happen in the first place
    if people actually possessed self control/discipline.

  • i doubt any feminist is really arguing that women should be able to beat up men without consequence... except maybe the fringe weirdo feminists, but no one really listens to them (except you, apparently..)

  • Do men feel they are controlled or do they feel they don't control women as much as their granddads did?

  • I agree. No should be hitting anyone regardless of gender.

    Let's say this woman right here was about to stab me with a knife...

    Shall I let her kill me for the sake of so called "gender equality" and not to offend feminists and white knights? Nah, I'll break her jaw if I have to.

    • and how many women walk around like that attacking people with knives ?

  • ehh if a women hits me id smack the shit out of her. I wouldn't punch a women but damn if she's not going to feel my palm.


    • That's a non-answer. You can't control other people's minds. If you are faced with a situation where you are being attacked, what do you do?

  • I wonder why people are bothered with this discussion and don't just get on with it.

  • Underlying feminism is altruism. That is why. Feminism is about the sacrifice of men to women.

  • Thats like asking why liberals are so deluded.


  • In a fem-centric society it should really come as no shock that the feminine controls the meta-messaging in its own interests. As in politics and religion, when you are the controlling interest in the framing of any and all discourse, you preset the terms of any debate. Nowhere is this more evident than in women’s precognitive understanding of the infamous Double Standard.

    Ask any woman for an example of a Double Standard and you’ll unfailingly get some iteration of the age old chestnut, “men are heroes for banging a lot of women, but women are sluts for banging a lot of men, agh, how unfair,..” This is always an easy, but ironic, target considering the current gender landscape. However, the reason it’s such a cliché is because it’s representative of the fem-centric standard of messaging. Women own the term Double Standard by default; any mention of a Double Standard and women will gleefully presume the term refers to them. Women’s feminine indignation need requires little prompting to satisfy.

    With this in mind, it may come as a shock to most that there are far more applicable Double Standards for men than for women. You see, for any illegitimate cause to progress it must always accuse its rivals of the sins it commits itself. Double Standard? Women own it. Unfair judgement based on physical standards? Women own it. This is called ‘sowing disbelief’ – if your premise is weak, assume victimhood. Female default victimhood is nothing novel, however, feminine primary social engineering goes this one better by presupposing any male even hinting about claims to victim status is automatically disqualified from being a man.

    The following comparative list was originally meant to be a humorous exposé of ‘true double standards’, but in its comedy it reveals the code in the Matrix. Enjoy!