Help! Homecoming is near and I don't have anyone to go with or a group? I've never been to a dance either?

Hi, :) Im a junior and our schools Homecomming is in like 2 weeks and I have no one to go with let alone a date?

I've never been to a dance so Im kinda scared about it too. What excatly do you do? more specific than just dance and hang out.

It's not like I dont have friends, I just haven't had a "squad" since I moved from different state like 4 years ago. Its just I like a lot of people and I dont hate anyone so I've never really joined a "group" to exclusivley hang out with mainly or go to events with. Also, I had a busy school year last year so I didn't have much chance to hang out plus my parents are kinda strict. I feel awkward in social situations like regular hanging out sometimes cause I dont do it often. a lot of people know and they think I've got a cool life but in reallity I feel out of place a lot. I just feel like a piece of my outgoing self that I know I am is being hidden and I can't help it. I still have a lot of friends, I walk down the halls high fives, small chats all over the place. My closer friends are in different "social" groups from each other and Im stuck in the middle cause I dont want to loose friends nor am I really comfortable with them too much. My friends just dont really hang out with each other :(

I dont like being mean, nor swearing or objectifying girls too much which kinda makes me feel weired hanging with the regular guy talk. The people I know dont realy go to the dances either and my one bud got a date so Im lost.

there's this one girl who I'm quite friendly with, you might even say flirty cause to of my friends have joked about us being a thing after seeing how we acted around each other. Problem is she is a grade lower and she would probably want to go with her friends from her grade who I dont know. And it could turn awkward cause we've had a real playful friendship and I've developed a crush on her but she could not feel the same way.

Im just lost :( please I need advice. Thank you


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  • there's a few things you can do:
    *see if the bud with the date can introduce you to other girls who you can potentially go out with
    *take a chance and ask the girl you're friendly with out to homecoming. then, if she says 'yes', you and her and the bud with the date can go as a group


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  • you should go with frineds.


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