I just abused my skills on a bully, is that still bad?

I'm not exactly the average Jane. The thing is I kind of started overdoing it a bit (then I stopped myself after some time) just because I hated this bully that was doing it to someone else. Never really done anything in anger.

If my mentors find this out, they would all be ashamed of me. The bully wasn't even looking for me but it was me who got involved and basically said ''I ain't scared of you, let's go''. This was just someone average while I'm an expert.

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  • I say overdo it as much as you want. In the immortal words of Professor Quirrel, "There is no right and wrong, there is only power and those too weak to seek it."


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  • you're now no better.


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What Guys Said 1

  • wish i could have seen it yea self defense is meant for defense but i ain't going to back up some bully who just an ass

    • I know but the loser has said ''I'm going to report you''. I hope not.

    • Well ya can always say that you were steping up for one of the bully's regular targets.

What Girls Said 2

  • I've been taking martial arts for like nine years (idk what you mean by expert) and even when someone is like that I have to stop myself because it's just not fair

  • Expert what? Bully?

    Or fighter?

    Yeah bullying is wrong but calling them out seems stupid especially when it's not your problem, you could've just put the bully to shame verbally or told someone.

    • I'm a skilled fighter and much bigger (also stronger) than the average girl.

    • Okay well technically it's illegal and depending on the perspective, it can kind of make you look bad. I get you were trying to help, but you came off as somewhat of a bully (abusing your power). Are you two around the same age? If so, then it won't matter as much. You can say the person getting bullied was too scared to speak up and you just wanted to help