Women of gag, why does it seem like guys who are attractive are rarely (if ever) labeled as being "weird" and "creepy"?

Why is that? When a guy has been considered "creepy" , "weird", etc, its a unattractive guy 99.9% of the time. I only said its rare for a attractive guy to be labeled "creepy" and/or weird because its just a assumption, not something I've seen in real life like I've seen unattractive guys get labeled and also I haven't even heard (EVEN THOUGH I'M PRETTY POSITIVE THAT SOMEONE ON GAG WILL SAY THEY HAVE LOL IN A DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO PROVE I'M WRONG).


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  • Generally, unattractive guys are the only ones who approach me, so I'm more likely to find one of them creepy. If I attracted good looking guys (generally) I'm sure I would have found some of them creepy.


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  • I've heard it could be an instinctual response. Girls get pregnant and the ammounts of children a woman can have is limited so it could be argued that girls have a more instinctual aversion to the sexual advances of an unnatractive man since if she was to become pregnant by him she would be wasting her one of her limited shots at reproduction with a guy who has shitty genetics.

    Also without modern medicine death during pregnancy was more common. It just wouldn't be worth the risk to get pregnant by an ugly guy.

    • So according to you, even if attractive guys have hereditary illnesses would do better than a unattractive guy with none?

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    • But you don't know what sort of illnessesarily they have. Its not always the case but generally being attractive is associated with health and good fenes.

      For the record I'm just giving a theory, Im by no means an expert on this.

    • I doubt that. I know plenty of guys who smoke and drink and still are considered attractive by women I wish I could find this one question on here that asked if women would rather have a ripped body with a ugly face or a good looking guy and most women said they would opt for the guy with a good looking face.

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  • Creepy is an equal opportunity qualifier. Honestly, I'm more likely to call a "hot" guy creepy because they tend to be more used to getting their own way and trample over other people's views.

    • I thought a person always getting their own way meant spoiled? I never heard of it being creepy. Ever.

    • Nah so like this good looking dudebro comes up and he ask for your number but then he treats the waiter like crud, invades your personal space, and asks for your number like 3 times. He's a creep.

  • because most really attractive guys aren't cling they leave mystery and as messed up as it is women like this

  • girls can be very hypocritical.


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  • Simple... because they are attractive. That's how it works. It's just like if use guys see a girl that's interested in us but we aren't attracted to her. She's annoying right? But if she's hot though? We like the attention.

    • Not really. I've never labeled a unattractive woman "creepy" or "weird"

    • Not creepy. I said annoying. You don't want some ugly girl trying to talk you into dating her do you? But if it's a hot girl you would want that.

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