I don't know what to do?

I don't have very many friends and I don't really talk or hangout with any of them because I'm to shy and afraid I just don't know what to do anymore I just feel unimportant and worthless I just hate how I am


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  • I understand <3 . 10th grade, that is a sucky time in life. This is such an unhelpful thing to say to you right now probably, but it honestly will get easier as you get older. Slowly, but you'll learn to be less afraid. And when you leave school people the people you're around will be in general nicer; this is 100% the truth from my experience as a very shy and introverted girl who was bullied in school, and has just finished her first year at a lovely university..

    Practically what you should maybe do is try and get involved with some activities in school; in my final two years at school I know I got pretty close with people I was in plays with.

    Hang in there. Please don't hate yourself or believe that you're unimportant. You're more than important, you're vital. I swear. If that is a feeling you're having a lot then you should maybe talk to someone you're close to in your family or a counsellor about it; you shouldn;t have to feel that way.


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  • If you feel worthless and hate how you are, then I think you should talk with a mentor or professional, my friend. Your value as a human being is not diminished by your shyness.

    I don't know you, but almost all humans have valuable and important things to say.


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  • You'll get over this stage in your life :) Cheer up. Friends come and go anyways! That's life. Usually, you'll grow out of your shyness and increase your ability to meet and socialize with great people as you grow older.

    :-) chillax bro, everything's gonna be okay.

    • I don't know I been deathly shy since the 6th grade and I'm in 10th now and I'm afraid to start conversation cause I get ignored or told to be quite

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    • I feel so uncomfortable when talking to people though

    • Practice talking to yourself in front of a mirror. OR an animal. That's what I DOOOO. I talk to my turtles. :-) and my plants.

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