Does anyone have some good ideas?

I'm writing a fan fic! And I need some good ideas! It's GTA 5 based and it's going to be about Michael de santas 4 year old daughter! I'm having writers block at the moment and I can't think of some good ideas! Do you guys have any really good ideas I could include in my fan fic? I'm also writing a fan fic about Trevor Philips and his 10 year old daughter! I have a chapter up for that one but now I'm having writers block lol please any good ideas for both would be awesome or if you have an idea for just one that is awesome too! Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!


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  • Maybe you can make it where they follow in their fathers foot steps. You could also make it where the daughter's choose a different path but are drawed into the world of their fathers. Or you can also do it through a point of view through the daughter's eyes and what they see around them in their world and their father's world.

  • How about a short story on the hooker who got beating up and had all her money stolen?


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