Isit bad that I don't want to look after my son?

Okay I'm 24 years old and I had a baby at 18 I always said I would never have kids but I met someone and he was very abusive and controlling and forced me to have my son the Same as my mum but she said she would Look after him a lot so I had him. Anyway me and my sons dad broke up a year later. And I moved out of my mums house but I want to work and I did start to work but it was hard because my mum would help me out and now all the sudden she won't help me at all and I'm stuck I can't work nothing. my mum said she won't have him anymore so I can't even go on a driving lesson. And if I let my friends or anyone have my son my mum says I'm disgusting and I can't. Isit wrong I feel this way? I just don't feel I can cope with not having any freedom


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  • You never wanted the child. Don't know how your mum forced you to have the child, but you should have recognized that you did not want it back when your son's dad and you broke up.

    At this point, you don't want the child, and there are options but you would rather sit and blame the child's presence for your place in life. So Yes, it is wrong and disgusting. I hope you find a way to let a loving family take your son because he needs that, and you are not the one to give him love.

  • time to grow up.


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