How much storage do you need on your smartphone?

I need a way lot of storage and my phone doesn't have sd card support (Lumia 920). That's why two years ago while purchasing it I took the 32 GB and iPhone of 64 GB 3 years ago. Android phones needs a lot of memory when it comes to low end phones... you cannot install much games and apps... Hoe much storage do you need on your smartphone?

  • 4 GB
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  • 8 GB
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  • 16 GB
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  • 32 GB
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  • 64 GB
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  • 128 GB
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  • I have a nokia lumia 735 and it has SD card capability! Are you sure the 920 doesn't have it? I'm shocked if that's the case because it's higher than my current phone.

    You can get up to 32 GB SD card storage which is way more than enough. I could upload my computers entire storage, including the thousands of pictures, videos, games and songs I have onto that size. I think my phone came with like 6GB and my SD card is 2GB. I regularly delete useless images though and it all gets backed up. I take lots of photos and 2GB extra isn't really enough.

    • It is higher than your phone but earlier Windows Phones didn't had sd card support! Out of 32 GB, 26.68 GB is available. Also the same case with my Lumia 1020, it has 32 GB storage of which only 25.77 GB is available. Also the most disappointed is that it doesn't have a option to record videos in lower quality like at least around 480p, it only records at 1080p or 720p (only a 1 minute video is around 250 MB. A scenery's photo I took with my Lumia 1020 captured 58.6 MB space!!! That's too much...

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    • That makes sense. I don't know my RAM, sorry.

    • I'm just waiting for Windows Phone 10, wondering to see something new...

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  • I have 16... but I'd want more.


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