Kinda on the doobie need help with this discrimination?

So i was fired for the wrong reasons and them being not being where supposed to be during the job shift, and my work ethics.

Let me explain, not being there during the shuft is lie cause my friends other employees say its bull shit, my sister and my other sisters bro in law works with me and say its bull shit and even i say its bullshit.

My work ethics is not there. Well i was first on cold side fir desserts and salads, then they move me to pastry chef. Then months later they move me back to cold side and for 1 day and said he's (manager) not feeling it.

Back story. Thus employee likes me but since i didn't give into her controling ways she slept with same manger that fired me. So deleted her. And suddenly manger told me to take off then, then 3 days later after the news about her havibg sex with the manger spread, i was suddenly fire by phone and the reason is listed above.

So is this discrimination and mind you everyone at work knows how good i am and well i do. Im not perfect but try do my work and get out. My dirty side is messing arou d with her after work. But during the job we just sexually touch each other. But personally we went as far as kissing and touching. But the moment cut her off from sex she moved on and this happen.


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  • Welcome to real life.

    • Should i sue for discrimination or what?

    • Ghat depends on how strong the union is in your company and on your local laws and your willingness to pay more lawyers than your boss.
      In Belgium you wouldn't get far.