If you were an omnipotent being, what would you do with your powers?

If you choose 'cure world hunger, poverty, crime, and violence,' or something like, 'create total world peace and harmony', then what would you do afterwards?

I'm looking for an indepth answer.


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  • I'd make it obvious for all life forms that life is supposed to be fun and is just a game. I'd remove the ability for someone to harm others unless it's wanted and invited. I'd remove all basic needs such as eating and drinking even though it still could be done merely for pleasure if wanted.

    I guess that would be enough for day 1.

    • Seriously. Bodily functions and imperatives are a pain in the ass. Gotta eat like every 4 hours. -_-;; I was thinking about that earlier, like, "Damn. I have to eat *again*." I'm voting you for God. Although, I would also add mental control over ones sex drive, and mental control on whether or not sex results in a baby.

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    • haha, I guess I can tell you since you are so curious.
      It would not be boring since I would likely not spend all my time on this little place called Earth. I'd explore different galaxies and dimensions and create my own and invite others to also explore those places. I guess you could say that my life would be a game of Minecraft on an epic scale.

    • Heh. Sweet. ^^

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  • The only thing I'd do differently is I'd allow the righteous to prolong their life of on earth so that they could live 800 or 1600 years while the wicked could die by the age of 50

    • How would you define righteous from wicked?

    • A righteous person is a person who is always just except in regards to sins of omission. They do not commit any actively unjust actions and do not harbour any unjust emotions. So they will not try to steal other people's boyfriends, they will not get jealous of others, they will not persecute people who obtain things they have not obtained and they will not lie to people to boost their reputation

    • That's a pretty tall order, don'tcha think? Will you send down Ten Commandments of justness, to let people know how you want them to act, or just kill the ones who aren't naturally just?

      And, why not simply change people so they are all just, instead of killing the ones who aren't?

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  • Re-create all of the animals (and races of humans) that have become extinct and recreate the necessary habitats. Create a new species of animal. Reduce the human population so we wouldn't dominate the whole planet but I'd make sure that the remaining population would be culturally and racially diverse. Look for other intelligent life in the universe. And finally, set up shop on the moon. If only I was like a god :(.

    • Why would you reduce the human population instead of, like... creating an entirely new Earth, and then just splitting them up? Earth 2.0.

      And the moon? Dude. You're killin' me here. Why not Jupiter? Or some distant, distant nebula or something.

    • Hmmm, you could have a point there. I'd make another smaller earth for humans to dominate but still keep a country for humans to inhabit on the original earth. I'd reduce the human population because there is wayyyyy to many of us, compared to other animals.

      Actually, yeah I just realised I could just create worm-holes in the space time continuum and teleport wherever I want. I'd set up shop with some other intelligent alien life, just because. Or I could create my own planet with all of my favourite living beings and chill with them. It'd be awful lonely just chilling on a barren planet like Jupiter though.

    • That's more like it. ^-^

  • Kill bigots, put all violent people on a caged island and videotape what they do for entertainment. -what can I say, George carlin has some good ideas. Give idiots brains and make them use them. Abolish hate crimes and the laws that protect discrimination. Buy Carrickfergus and live on that fucker. Make money at my disposal so I'll never have to worry about a paycheck, make my documentaries make it big so I'm a household name. And lastly, buy a white horse and name him Artak.

    • Damn forgot to say abolish factory Farmington. If you want food, you gotta hunt it and grow it yourself. Only the non-lazy little bitches shall survive! Mwahahahaha!

  • I don't know what omnipotent means but I'd probably become a super villain

    • Ahhhhhhh

      I'd probably still be a super villain. Not killing innocent people, but be a terrifying villain.

    • Yeah. It basically means you could do literally anything you wanted. You could make galaxies into ice cubes and put them in a tremendously large universe cup, flavor the universe mountain dew, and drink it, if you wanted to. You could create universes or multiverses or dimensions or something completely different and crazy.