Meditation and behavior change?

I have been meditating and it seems that it makes me feel like I'm not acting like myself the meditation itself isn't the problem I just don't act like myself when I'm not meditating at first it brought out my emotions a lot more and now I just go along with things but in my head I don't care about the conversation of the activity this isn't normal behaviour for me any thoughts?


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  • If you recently started meditating and you feel you are changing then this doesn't have to mean that you are becoming less of who you are but perhaps more of who you actually are.

    When people think of who they are they often identify with how they have been and behaved for most parts of their life. We always change no matter what. When this change happens more rapidly it can feel like we are drifting away and we may feel lost and confused for a while.

    Maybe you are becoming more conscious of what is actually happening within you and you are now noticing that many everyday things have become less interesting for you.

    • I feel like I have been reacting angry and stubborn and although that has nothing to do with the meditation I feel like this isn't my behavior secondly I don't seem to care about activities or conversations I just go with the flow and wish to be meditating instead

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    • I think you're right about the whole changing part but on the matter of anger I think I know what it is now haha I havebt been watching or doing things I used to do daily and my girlfriend has been on her menstrual cycle lately so I haven't been doing any of that to not let my desires take control of me but I quit cold turkey and that probably has had my anger and frustration coming out

    • Good to hear you found the reason. Good luck with your further adventures with meditation.

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