Guys, Would you be happy if your girlfriend sung for you in front of a lot of people at some type of event?

Let's say you really like her singing, then at an event she unexpectedly approached you and she sung for you and everyone aplauded anyway,, would you be humiliated or happy? Because I done this at a concert in town, because my told me to, and everyone aplauded and people told me they were blown away (haha I don't know why) but all of a sudden, I'm too humiliated to look at him now, so if a girl had done this to you, how would you be like?

*my sister told me too
I mean told me to, , and I sung a ballad, I've always been a performer for plays and stage presence


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  • i have had this happen to me before, so i dont have to guess about it. there were so many thoughts and emotions running through me at the time, that it took quite a while afterwards for me to sort things out so i could understand how it did feel to me. my girlfriend at the time was a beautiful irish-sicilian, with an amazing voice. i was awestruck by her beauty and talents and even more so by her interest in me! she used to sing at an open mic night at the local tavern, but i had never heard her there before, nor at other times when we were together, until this one night... she grabbed a mic and started singing this really sultry, almost indecently explicit song about what she wanted to do with (to?) me when we got home to bed. part of me was nervous as hell, cause there were prob 50 people in there all looking at us (i was too scared to move off my chair, and she was circling around me) and yet, at the same time, it felt like it was just the two of us, nothing else mattered but the energy and the connection we had out there on that dance floor. very intense, on both the positive and negative sides. a very strange, definitely unsettling position to be in. but i appreciated her for having the talent and the courage to put me in the very position that most of the people in that place wanted to be in! i dont understand why you would feel humiliated, unless something went wrong, or you didn't get the reaction you expected, or maybe you are like many talented people, that you underestimate the effect your singing has on people sometimes people dont want to believe or accept that yes, they do have real talent, and others do recognize it and appreciate it. and just because a person is talented doesn't mean they are an extrovert and want to fly wildly around a stage with a who gives a shit attitude, either. kurt cobaine of the band nirvana was every bit as shy about performing in public as he was talented as a musician

    • I am humiliated because his friends keep pretending to sing to him, yeah that's the reason

    • i can understand that you feel embarrassed, but i think there is a way you can turn that around. why do you think they pretend to sing to your boyfriend? ill bet you take it as them making fun of you. ask yourself "what purpose would this serve?" are his friends jealous of you? do they not like you for some reason? i doubt if this true. i really think you are misreading what is going on here. i think your boyfriend's friends are just teasing him, trying to embarrass him, not you, without having any clue that it may be making you uncomfortable. id be willing to put money on it that his friends wish that they had a girlfriend that would sing to them. the old saying "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" certainly applies here. so take it as a compliment! try this: accept that you have talent. believe that people appreciate that talent and respect you for having the courage to share it with them, because they are most likely too afraid to do it themselves! hope this helps

    • Thankyou very much , i feel so relieved now... thank you

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