Who or What Motivates You to Do Better Everyday?

For me, it's my boyfriend and my future kids. Right now I'm in college trying to make myself a better person all the way around (financially, spiritually, mentally). My boyfriend already has two college degrees (Associates and Bachleor) in electronics and he works as an electrician. He pushes me mentally to do and be a way better version of myself. he's always there for my support, even though we're long distance. I want to be his equal in every way so I won't be a burden to him. My future... I want them to have a much better early childhood than I did growing up. My parents were very poor and we were constantly scraping at the bottom of the barrel for our needs. I don't ever want my kids experiencing that as long as I'm their mother. so those days i don't feel like going to school, I think of them. My boyfriend and my future kids are my life <3
So... what about you? who or what motivates u?


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  • The thirst for success, drives me. What can I say? I like accomplishing stuff, makes life feel worthwhile. :)


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