I feel like I want to give up on tennis?

It's like every time I play tennis with my mom I get mad and don't feel like playing anymore. It just that she keep saying that I keep hitting it where she's not at and I feel like she thinks I'm doing that on purpose. When I hit it over the fence she'll get mad and say that if I hit it over there one more time she's going home and that's what makes me not play anymore. I think I just give up on tennis because I don't like playing with her :( </3


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  • Hmm... well I played tennis for a few years, I would say
    1) approach her
    2) tell her that you want to not have your excitement killed.
    3) dye your hair back to blonde it looks weird
    4) practice practice practice
    5) bounce the ball on your racket, when it gets easy then add spin
    6) bounce the ball off a wall with spin and read what the ball is doing
    7) everyday:)


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  • Tell her that. Don't let her kill your passion for tennis. It'll probably hurt her, but it's for the best, she's not gonna hold it against you. Just tell her you don't enjoy playing with her.

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    • I can see that, but you don't have to, it's not like you're gonna give up on tennis, just that you'll stop playing with your mother, or she'll change and you'll end up enjoying playing with her. Communication is key.
      Best of luck :)

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  • Your story reminds me of the first time when I learned how to drive from my dad. My dad kept yelling at me and he told me that he was 25 times better than me when he drove for the first time. I think people expect you to be as good as they are at something they are excellent in.

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  • tell her and don't give up!!!


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