Why are hospital men creepy?

I was on my way to the hospital and there was a hospital lady helping me. She said it was only her no one else. I took off my bra because she was a lady too. Than the hospital guy asked if she needed him, after she clearly said only her.
When I got in the hospital a nurse kept coming in when my mom left the room and he saw my boobies!
Maybe I'm paranoid. They were nice but I felt weird.


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  • Same happened to me. I mean I try to convince myself that it's just their job and they're professionals but they're so creepy that I have a hard time believing it. One doctor actually tried to flirt with me and touched me. D-bag >.<

    • Omg! I'm so sorry that happened!

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    • Well he complimented me a lot firstly. "I wish all my patients were as pretty as you" I thought it was weird but didn't say anything then at the second appointment he touched me on my arm and legs. I thought it was part of the treatment -_- then I came home and thought about it and never return to that hospital again. @ShayanMortazavi

    • Not to be racist but was he Indian?

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