Is it bad that I'm "waiting to die" (not suicidal btw)?

I feel that I'm so inferior to other that It desnt matter if I go out there and do anything. Like "Okay I'm here but I'm just gonna sit here till I die" I have become very indiferent towards life. I feel I'm never gonna be succesfull, I'm not one bit attractive, I'm not gonna be happy, Never gonna have kids because I'm not attractive and pretty much always gonna be alone in my room doing nothing but mindlessly surf the web, work and sleep.

I dont feel like commiting suicide because I'm on medication so that helps just keep me "blah" mood. Anyone else ever feel this way?


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  • I have.
    I felt life was pointless and meaningless.
    I didn't love myself. Nor did I care for others. I did not care about anything in life as I did before. I didn't care how I looked physically. I lost myself. I ended all social relationships and isolated myself from others for a couple of years. During this time I reflected on my life. I spent my time trying to understand me, trying to understand who I became, and why I was feeling the way I did. I started searching online for what was going on with me. I was constantly looking for a mental disorder to diagnose myself. As a result of searching for answers online, I landed on a few psych sites. From then I started to get into psych. I got into psych to understand myself better. I revisited old painful memories of my past. Although, those memories were very, very painful for me it helped me understand why I am who I am today. Ever wondered why therapists ask about your childhood? It is because who you are today is a direct result of your childhood experience. After confronting some of my deepest fears, my insecurities, my eating disorder, my thoughts of self-harm, my low self-esteem, my anxiety, and depression I began rebuilding my life. I've realized that you must confront the issues you have in your life or else you'll forever be held prisoner to those issues. All in all, this wasn't an easy process for me. It took time, courage, and effort for me to be honest with myself. Now, I am at a much better place in my life.


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  • It's your choice if you want to wait for death so I guess it's not bad if that's what you really want to do.

    Many things you describe have to do with you and actually not about the people around you. You feeling inferior to others is just that.. a feeling you have and you then look for reasons around you why this is true. If you started to look for reasons why you are NOT inferior to others then you would find these reasons too. We see and find what we look for.

    And you using words like "never" and "always" also greatly impacts your mental health.

    Happiness is actually a choice. It has little to do with whats happens around you but everything to do with how you react to what is happening or not happening.

    I think most people feel the way you do now and then. The trick is not being stuck in that thinking.

    • There is a saying that goes like this:

      Your thoughts become your words.
      Your words become your actions.
      Your actions become your habits.
      Your habits become your life.

      This is why it's very important what you think because that will ultimately shape your life. Change your thoughts and you will change your life. It will not change by magic but it will give you the ability to make those changes step by step.

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    • Okay. I see that you have your mind set. I'm not here to argue endlessly or prove you wrong. I was hoping to bring some insight to the situation and hopefully a seed has been planted that in time will grow.
      I wish you the best in everything you choose to do in life.

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  • If you just say to yourself "Hmmm... I wonder how I'll die" or maybe think about how you want to die then that's fine. But if you're constantly thinking about dying and like "When will I get shot already?" then that's a problem.

    • I dont know nothing will make a difference anyway I will only fail at it like everything else

  • You need to change the way you view yourself.

    • My psychologist has been trying this for 10 plus years I think its safe to say that won't happen

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    • You do have a point. Not everyone who works hard and puts in a lot of effort necessarily gets anywhere. Some people do suck at life. The way yours is turning out does appear to be moving in that direction.

      So what do you feel like you need right now?

    • I dont know To be born again with a better face, to be born lucky enough to actually make a decent living and not be cursed to be poor for ever maybe that will help a bit