What do guys think of girls in stem fields?

I always hear people talk about guys who do engineering get lots of girls and whatnot. What about girls who are in the stem fields like engineering? what would you guys think of a girl who is or is studying to be an engineer?

is it attractive? is it a turn off?
honestly, i feel like it hurts my chances. I dont feel like i have all these guys after me. its not that i want that. it would just be nice if the one i did like wanted me back too. i mean, when people find out, people are like, "oh you must be really smart," and what not. No, its not that. its just that im dedicated and i love math and science and solving puzzles. i work, and go to school as well. im not that ugly either. i look decent i guess. i wear some makeup, i dont wear revealing clothes but i dress decent. people tell me im so cute and such. i get told i look like 18 or 19 but im actually 23. people say i have that innocent look. the guys in class stare and stuff, not sure if because i was staring into space or because i start clicking like crazy on my calculator. I've been told its pretty amusing. im pretty laid back so i try to be nice and if possible, i try to talk to the people in my classes. not something i used to do when i started college. i dont want people to think im stuck up. im really not. im just into my own little world a lot of the time.

i try not to be too girly, but not tomboyish either. i think i was friendzoned by the guy i like. i hope it wasn't because of this.

so what do guys think of engineer girls? is it a good thing or a bad thing?


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  • (It would be great if engineers land girls like you think they do)
    I say that guys appreciate girls who are in their classes that not many girls are in. It doesn't hurt your chances, in fact it probably helps,


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