How can I get more Twitter followers?

I don't really want to buy any or anything, but I'd just like to gain like a hundred or so, so that more people see my song covers. Does anybody knows how I can get that many followers quickly?
Also my Twitter is @ChelseaCharles_ in case you'd like to be awesome and follow :P


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  • First of all, post some funny, romantic, creative and factual pics. Post quotes, facts and jokes.
    In between, post your moments and life events. Then start following a lot of great people and public figures. You'll start getting a lot of followers. Follow them back. The people who follow back, get a lot of followers. Once you get them, start the business. Post your song covers.

    Additionally, set up a good bio. Write something like, "Song lover, song writer, composer. I followback 😊💙" these will lure a lot of followers and people with similar interests.

    Good luck :)


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  • fallow them first, then maybe they fallow you back?


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  • Why you want stalkers to know what you're doing


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