So weird mouse at my house maybe rabies?

So there was this mouse in the middle of my hallway not hiding or anything I don't know how long it was there before I saw it but after I saw it it was there for a solid 20 min just sitting there doing nothing people walked right passed it including my dog and it never ran away nor did it move finally I got a shovel and killed it then I cleaned the area with clorox but I can't help but wonder what was wrong with it what kind if disease did it have and should I be worried I think we have more mice

  • Yes run like he'll and burn down the house
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  • Be concerned and just buy some mouse traps
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  • Call animal control and see if they can have it tested for disease.

    • I don't know where it's at my sister took care of the body and u didn't really kill it I hit it from a distance and it didn't die at first so my sister finished him off then got rid of the body I just cleaned the area I don't know where it's at

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  • That's really weird. Maybe it was already dead?

    • Na it squeeked in pain when I hit and when it was sitting there it did lick itself once but it was mosty just stayimg completely still and my sister also finished it off cuz I guess I didn't hit it hard enough

    • May have been sick or something.

    • Like you said.

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  • are you sure it was a love in the first place?

    but yea ound like rabies


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