Do you guys still not believe in Aliens what do you think about this footage of a real Alien being taken?

Real proof finally a camera man who caught an actual Alien without any blury footage.

And look at this other video too


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  • Ohhhh that was meeee I was trying to understand why people use this white bowl with water... And he found me right there. We do exist! And I am borrowing this girl body for my time being here... I hope I can stay for a bit longer here. :]!

    • Wow I must report this to the Government :0 wow can't believe I am the first person to have spotted the very first Alien on GAG. Can you give me your Galactic space number?

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    • fuck no I wouldn't block you XD lol!! you're funny af :P you don't know cupcakes? damn ima have to bring that cheesecake then. gonna do this.. RUSSIAN style... :P

      *que the dance music*

    • Hahahahaha daaa yammmy!:b!

  • Looks more like a puppet dragged by a string.

    But I believe in them though

  • Aliens are totally real


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