Guys, looking younger than my age?

Will be 19 in a month.
I would say half the people I meet think I'm 15, the rest think I'm like 16 or so. Rarely does anyone think I'm 19 or even 18.
Some people are surprised when they see that I drive lol.

Its just my face. I don't know what it is, but its just the way my face is. I'm not chubby or round or babyish I just have a young face. My moms 50 and if she had better skin you'd think she was 40. She has the face too.

It doesn't help that I'm tiny, I'm barely over 5 feet and I'm slim but not a toothpick either. I also have small boobs. I've got a curvy lower body though.

Anyway is it a bad thing at my age?
I know when I'm like 25 and up it'll be more of a blessing but right now I don't like it

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  • You're right it seems like a bad thing now but you will be thankful in a couple of years.

    No amount of face cream or exercise can stop a woman getting older, only a hidden blessing like this

    • ☺ thanks for MHO. .. it is true after all! ☺

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  • lol I was 16 until I turned 25 now at least I look like im in 24. its a good thing trust me.

  • Good thing. I look younger than I am too, but see when we get older hopefully we'll still look young :)