Is it weird if a non-American supports gun law?

I’m kinda surprised I was da ONLY one who voted da option:

“I am not American and for gun possession”

In another poll here…

Anyway…anybody else who’s pro-gun but non-american?

I’ve got my reasons y I support gun law…. i’ll write a take about it one day :)

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  • Well some countries have similar gun laws to us like I think it is Switzerland every male able bodied person 18 or up is required to have mandatory military training and to serve I think a minimum of a year.

    Anyway when they are done their service weapons have their full auto feature disabled and they take the service weapon home which is fully operational and can shoot ammunition it just has the full auto fire selection disabled so it can only fire single fire. So quite a high number of them own weapons.

    This is similar but not the same to America in the way that quite a large number of people own weapons. So it's not all that odd that some foreigners would be for our lax gun laws.

    • they may have a high rate of gun ownership but they also have a high rate of people who are trained very well in how to operate and maintain those guns. it also doesn't allow for those weapons to be carried and concealed (I believe) but kept at home or used in firing ranges

      so they have a very loose gun control policy in a sense but it is also very controlled because the owners are professionally trained

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    • @madhatters4 true, though I hear they are becoming more strict with their mandatory military service over there, I guess that means fewer people will be conscripted.

      But I don't really care much lol, our laws aren't going to change anytime soon.

    • unfortunately they probably won't, despite the rise in senseless & mass murders (the school, mall, office complex, variety). I've also read that Switzerland is consider tightening their gun laws as well even for military vets

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  • Well not all Americans support that so I don't see why it's weird.


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  • not weird at all bro

  • I wouldn't say weird but would expect the international Gaggers to be more in favour of Gun Control.

  • No, when I was living in the UK quite a few people expressed that opinion.

  • Only Americans believe gun ownership reduces crime. The rest of the world has seen how gun control works to reduce mass shootings.
    You're weird for not paying attention to how your country has less crime than mine.

    • Well because it's kind of a fact that it does, statistical evidence can support that -shrugs- just saying.

    • Statistical evidence isn't really evidence. More importantly America has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world and also the most guns, so statistics are against you too.

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