I'm depressed after going to a concert?

I realize this sounds ridiculous but I went with a good friend of mine to see a band we like yesterday. My friend has always been obsessed with them and I just found myself humming to their songs and just liking them. So anyway, we went and this band opened for them and we got all pumped because the band we were going to see is a rock band. So we were screaming and chanting and as they came out we literally screamed at the top of our lungs, and to be honest I didn't know I would react like that.
Anyway, we had a great time, singing in unison to their songs and bonding over how awesome and cute they were and dancing our butts off.
We got home around 12am and fell asleep then I woke up and it's like I'm all the sudden their biggest fan. I can't stop thinking about the concert and them, it's like I moved away from my best friend or something. I'm sad and I don't know why and I'm also listening to all their songs when I usually listen to MCR and stuff.. It's so weird!
i almost cried because I missed it, I know I'm ridiculous but somehow I'm still emotional!

No I'm not just being "a girl" because my guy friends went to a concert and felt the same. I just want to know why.


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  • It's b/c you had such a kick-ass time. It's like going back to school after the best vacation ever with awesome friends you won't see until next year -you're gunna feel a little down.

  • Yup. You're just a girl being a girl.. You're fine.


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