I'm really scared?

my old friend said she wanted to meet me and my best friend because we hadn't seen each other for so long. We met up somewhere in town, and we see her walking with a cigarette in her mouth and two boys following. We were f! cking terrified. We stood in silence when they came up and they offered us one straight away. We both said no without hesitation and I swear one was about to hit me if I said no. Me and my best friend ended up running into this card shop while calling my mom to pick us up. I was petrified, but I'm proud of myself for saying no. We haven't seen her since, she sent me a happy birthday message on my birthday this year, I just ignored her. It was terrifying The look on those guys faces, they looked like rapists. I went home and cried.. i trusted her and she did that to us?


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  • glad you're okay! stay safe.


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