What is a some pointers your friends gave you that didn't help you?

Mine's pretty weird, I was tought growing up you should make eye contact with the person who was talking to you. I did that all my life. Untill!!! my friend told me "it's weird, take breaks don't just stare into their eyes" so I said "ok" and tried that. Ended up looking at the persons lips that was talking... That was way awkard and I couldn't help myself I just kept doing it and it's so freaky and strange when I did that to a few guys that were older... way older... like my dad old. -shivers- so I stopped listening to pointers my friends gave me.

How about you guys?


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    The pointer to staring in the other person's eyes or not is actually to just talk totally naturally and go with what feels right. You SHOULD make eye contact, but not like stare into their face throughout the entire time, you know? That's creepy.

    • So would it be ok to look away from them?

      Also when you put it that way it sounds waaaay more creepier then what it is. Lmao "stare into their face throughout the entire time."

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  • thats weird! everyone knows you're supposed to look people in the eye when you talk.

    • RIGHT!!!

      I thought it was weird but I thought I was being weirder by staring into their eyes. lmao

    • haha its all weird!!

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