Any one interested in folklore/mythology?

I have always had an interest in lore and mythology (beliefs in general really) and was curiose if any one else on here has similer interests. If so whats your favorite creature/myth/general belief structure? I am currently reading about chilean mythology, have already read pretty much all greek/roman myths and chunks here and there of norse, a smattering of chinese etc. So whats your favorite?


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  • Um, YES! I went through a short phase of reading mostly Greek and Roman mythology. I know a bit of Korean folklore as well.

    My favorite story so far is Echo and Narcissus. Because I'm gloomy like dat.

    • Wow, a depressing sort aren't you? Out of greek mythology I would choose the story of pandora. I just, for what ever reason like the idea behind it. The whole hope being imprisoned with all the evils of the world because in a perfect world it wasn't needed just appeales to me and not really sure why.

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    • Yes, the quote was from the Sandman! :D *bonds* And I can't wait to look up all of these stories you mentioned. I'm still working my way through Hans Christian Anderson and the Arabian Nights.

    • Hans Christian Anderson is good but so depressing. Especially the little matchstick girl. I read that story in grade school, who makes a kid read a story about a little girl who freezes to death (while holding on to the one good memory she ever had), seriously who does that? It was actually rather traumatizing. Still interesting stories, haven't read to many mostly just the short stories like the tin soldier. I have the arabian nights but have yet to read it (I have a lot of books I need to get to). Check them out lore is very interesting and can be really insightfull too. Personally I like most norse mythology involving odin since his are very interesting, especialy the one where he lost his eye. He was the father of the gods, a god of war and death, as well as a god of poetry and wisdom. Seems weird but when you actually start reading it you realize why they would have those two seemingly different things attributed to one god. Check them out, its good.

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  • I was in HS. I haven't gotten into it lately.

  • I don't know if I have a favorite but I know a few stories that I've read over and over. Diana, artemis, europa, persephone, demeter, hermes... I've read the story of eros and psyche quite a bit and orpheus and eurydice.

    I've read Gods, Goddesses and Monsters alot! It lists it all by region. Been wanting to learn more from native indians like Maori but hard to find much.

  • yea

    i like hearing/reading about it like short stories you know
    I don't know if anything really stuck with me lol

    i know a bit about Pharohic and Greek
    im not a huge fan of chinese though lol

    • No interesting ones? I figure I shoud take advantage of the fact that I have access to people across the world so some body has got to have one I haven't heard of yet.

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  • Of course! I've always loved the Jersey Devil.

    • I think jersey devil falls under paranormal (though I think that's only due to it being recent since it would technically be a “folk” story or lore). am Fear Liath Mòr or the (big) Grey Man of scotland is a favorite of mine. Basicly once mountainers reach a certain altitude on the second largest mountain in scotland (forget which one) they report seeing a large grey man out of the corner of there eye. At a specific altitude people start to feel unease and it stedely increases to fear the higher they go.

  • Yes. Yes I am.

    • Share! I am always looking for new ones, anything good?

    • Mesoamerican, Native American, Japanese, Indonesian, and Norse.

      Use them generously for the lore of my D & D campaign.

    • Nice, any favorites (I am a big fan of norse, the ideology behind it is rather inspiring (pain makes you strong)) I have read only bits and pieces of native American myths any good ones you can recommend? Also indonesian would be interesting as well. I have read a good amount of japanese but again any recommendations would be appreciated.(I also want to create a DnD campaign strictly using creatures from world mythology, their is some screwed up ones out their, look up chiliean myths, they have some very bizare ones that would fit perfectly with dnd)

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