What happens during an eye appointment?

Okay I know this is a random question, but when you get an appointment to check your eyes, what happens next? If I need glasses Do they assign it right then or there's more to the process?
(ok just really impatient and I would like to know before time what to expect)


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  • What MysteriousFlower said. It takes about 30 minutes.
    The'll figure out your prescription from the test. Then you'll pick out frames. After you do that they send your prescription to the place that makes the lenses for your prescription & the type of glasses so the lenses fit in the frame.
    Probably takes about a week, maybe a little less.

    Anonymous was showing a pic. for lasik eye surgery. That has nothing to do with your test.

    • thank u! This is what I was hoping to find out :)

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  • They check your eyes in a red light machine, then put in drops and see your eyes in a different machine. They can spray air into your eyes so try to stay still.
    Make sure you bring sunnies and get some-one to pick you up. Eyes can be sore from the few hours to the following day, but it's important to get your eyes checked.

    • Thanks for this info! I need glasses, are they going to write me a prescription that day or is there a longer process or something?

    • They will write you a prescription but it will be from an optometrist. That means (depending on the severity) you will need follow-ups every year-2 years.

    • But they will do a lenses test first so the appointment might take a while.

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  • If you need glass they'll have you say which lenses are clearer abd than write you a prescription.