I absolutely LOVE science! Don't you?

Why does any event happens under any condition and how does the process look like?
Why does the earth revolves around the sun?
Why is the "myth" of the earth being a round ball confirmed?
Why do people get crazed hormones during their puberties?
How do you know how much power is needed to power up a device?
If something in a system is a mess, how do you best go through 20+ parts to diagnose which one is exactly at fault and how do you fix this?

I absolutely LOVE science! Don't you?
Because science can proof and confirm things! Science has made it all possible on what we experience today, be it beneficial, neutral or with consequences.

Personally I enjoy science. Science has got me this far and keeps me on the run of things. I do research a lot in my free time and experiment things around given the opportunity to do so. I can't be stopped anymore. Science is my love. Science is my life.

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  • Im like you man... Science 4eva.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I COMPLETELY agree! I Absolutely LOVE Science. I like everything it entails. I like knowing that it offers this constant certainty - the day is 24 hours long, the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, if you sprinkle Sulfuric Acid on Methyl Orange it turns a bright red - this inevitability comforts me.

    Sorry, I got carried away lol. I just REALLY love Science.


What Guys Said 1

  • Science is pretty interesting to me. When people get too deep into it and start to be aggressive about it, that is when it gets annoying. And the math parts of science suck.