Honestly I am shy and chubby but I'm actually really pretty, funny and nice, how can I get over my sadness from people at my school not liking me?

So I am 15 and in high school and notice that my friends on Facebook from my school get heaps of likes and comments saying gorgeous and stuff on their profile pictures on Facebook even when I know my picture prettier than most of the others that get all those comments and it just makes me angry and jealous.
Girls at my school I also see get called hot and sexy by the guys it makes me feel really sad and jealous because nobody ever thinks that about me


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  • people don't usually see by their eyes they see by other people's eyes
    so when more gathered people around something it gets special (when it often sucks)
    the dumb part about this , is that u make it affects ur self image , u won't die alone.. new people will come to school others will leave , life doesn't end here u will have different relationships in different semesters
    if all u care about is some likes and comments go to online websites and make friends and get them to do such a thing but this is bullcrap
    screw social media like most of those people getting tons of likes are nothing in reality
    they are not good at anything they just boost their ego by this so avoid it and live a real life.


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  • well I think you have to be comfortable with yourself first. You will be jealous of other people because you think they are better than you. There are other things that will get you a lot of friends, maybe your personality. They might don't know you better yet. You have to let the anger go and start to think positive. Sometimes when we have a lot of jealousy and anger inside, it starts to appear on our face and personality, such as being grumpy and sensitive.
    you have to let people know how funny and nice you are :)


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  • The are incredibly cute and sexy chubby and fat girls out there.
    Maybe you are one.

    But tastes differ from guy to guy. Maybe you should do sports and eat well? Not temporary diets... make a healthy permanent one ok?

    Makes you live more, be confident and get more kisses from the guys you like, just good things : )

  • 1. Buy a gym membership and work out.

    2. Change your diet.

    3. Be nice to other people. Since you are funny you can use it to make other people smile. Making others happy will lead to your own happiness.

  • the key is you starting to like you. Build yourself up and become more confident

  • I honestly cannot answer the question. If could show your figure than people can decide.


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